Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Posts that work from work and keep me thinking ahead to the future. The title "MemeWars" is another way of saying 'memoirs' with the long 'e' in meme keeping things related to thought and future iterations of thoughts from the world-at-large. Rambling on...

This will make some future soldier's life miserable when it fails to comply:

I'd rather go through this at the airport and answer a few questions like "Are you carrying anything that blows up?" or "Do you expect to make it to the end of the flight?":

This is a wonderful 'food for thought' nugget to chew on:

Consider this for making sure your future self is safe from zombie attack:

This should be interesting:

My plan for updating this blog is to retroactively post one past 'MemeWars' post with each new one going forward until all caught up. (Going back to the future so to speak.) Here's yesterday for now:

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